The Livingston Parish School Board shall grant to regularly employed employees, leave without pay for maternity purposes for a reasonable period of time before and after childbirth. Reasonable period of time means that period during which the female employee is disabled on account of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions. Regularly employed, for purposes of this policy, shall mean teachers serving under contract (not to include substitute teachers or teachers replacing others on leave) and other female employees who are employed by the Board on a regular basis. Such leave shall be granted upon proper application to the Board for maternity leave.

Employees may be permitted to use current and accumulated sick leave days in lieu of maternity leave upon proper request. The period of disability for which sick leave may be used shall be determined by the employee's physician, in conjunction with the employee and appropriate school personnel, and submitted to the Board in writing. The application must be submitted to the principal and the Superintendent or his designee at least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of leave. Teachers permitted such sick leave shall comply fully with all sick leave regulations.

In addition, teachers granted maternity leave shall also be subject to all regulations affecting such leave. After the period of disability, the employee shall be responsible for submitting a medical statement certifying that the employee is able to return to work.

Maternity leave for the period of disability occasioned by pregnancy and/or childbirth shall not interrupt the consecutive service for sabbatical leave purposes. Once maternity leave extends beyond the period of disability, however, such period of leave shall be considered an interruption of the accrual of consecutive semesters for sabbatical leave eligibility.

The following criteria should be considered when a maternity leave is being taken:

a. Maternity leave shall begin on the date requested by the teacher and recommended by the physician.

b. A teacher shall be eligible for re-employment to the position she left when she submits written notice from her physician that she is physically fit for full-time employment, and when she can give full assurance that care for the child will cause a minimal interference with job responsibilities. A teacher is guaranteed the position she held prior to being granted leave unless the position is eliminated.

c. Re-employment shall be guaranteed following the date that the individual was declared eligible for re-employment.

d. A teacher who takes maternity leave will keep her accumulated days intact when returning to her position. However, a teacher who chooses to use her accumulated sick leave for maternity purposes will have her accumulated sick leave reduced by the number of days used.

e. Maternity leave is leave without pay.

f. The maximum duration of maternity leave at any one time shall be two (2) semesters for teachers or one (1) calendar year for all other employees.

Ref: La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:1171, 17:1211, 23:1007; Board minutes, 8-19-76, 6-77.